Special May 20th Virtual Event

Special May 20th Virtual Event

Canadian charities are reeling under the pandemic, with demand for their services up, revenues falling and, in many cases, staff laid off and volunteers attempting to work under physical distancing rules. That holds true in Ottawa as well, where women’s support organizations have been among those especially hard hit.

That’s why 100 Men Who Care Ottawa decided to try something different for its quarterly fundraising get-together, originally scheduled for May 13.

Normally, we’d be gathering at Trattoria Caffe Italia’s Sopra Room to hear three charities make short presentations, followed by the usual generous opening of our wallets to all three.

An in-person gathering is impossible this time, and coordinating online presentations by our three scheduled charities would have been complicated. So, 100MWCO decided to support just one deserving charity that has seen unprecedented demand lately: Empathy House of Recovery.

Established in 1978, Empathy House is a ten-bed residential empowerment program offering treatment and shelter to women in recovery. The organization is small but serves an especially vulnerable sector of our community: women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The women may be homeless or unemployed, and even if they are gainfully employed, they have been struggling with a dark secret: their addiction. Those served by Empathy House may also be victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and suffer mental illness.

In brief, they need the generosity of those who care, including 100MWCO. We have set up an online funding campaign for Empathy House, with a target of $10,000. It’s an ambitious objective but it’s achievable if we band together and if we do just a little extra by encouraging those we know – friends, family, those we work with – to also contribute.

You can make your donation here. You will receive an immediate tax receipt, and we ask that you also let us know that you’ve made a donation by typing “100MWC” in the message box on the donation page. 

We can’t get together at the Sopra Room on May 13, but we can gather virtually on May 20 at 7 p.m. That’s when we have a Zoom meeting to which all members and guests are invited for some online camaraderie, to hear a brief presentation from Empathy House and to learn what the steering committee of 100MWCO has been working on lately. Please check the Events section of our new website for information.

Two final things. We have tentatively moved the three charities that were scheduled to present in May to September instead. We have also booked our annual fundraising golf day for June 17. Again, details are available on the Events section of our website.

100MWCO is proud to support Empathy House and the women who have a new life because of the home’s work. Please give as generously as you can and join us on May 20.

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